Thursday, November 27, 2008

Website Hacking


Salutations my Friends!
If you know anything about cracking a Porn website then you are wrong here and most likely will learn nothing new from this guide since i am writing this for the People that have absolute no experience with cracking. This guide is more of an easy introduction into it and that will bring you the satisfaction of cracking your first password and hopefully spark more interest of getting some more information about the Topic..shall we begin?

Some Information and preperation

First of all to explain the title cracker is properbly done the easiest by telling you that we are the crew that will use certain tools like programs,combo list and proxy's to crack/find passwords.It's as simple as that =)
No don't worry this will not be to complicated since i will go through every step with you but you will have to download a few things to make this work!
Here are our Tools that we need:
Accessdiver (Here)
A wordlist
And a big list of proxies saved in a notepad file (Try out This Site)

You might be a little confused by now and a little stressed about having to install new programs but don't worry..We will use accessdiver (you can also use charon which many prefer but i found it simpler for most beginners to use accessdiver) for checking our proxie's and then will use Cforce as our bruteforce (the program that will give us the passwords) program.

Programs Installed! What now?

Awesome! Well here starts the fun ! It will seem like i might rush trough this but trust me it is very easy and once you have done it once..piece of cake
To keep this a bit organized you can see what program i am using in that step by me highlighting it blue


This program is like Cforce a blessing to anybody new to cracking websites! It has many different features that can be put to great use by more expierenced crackers but for now we are only interested in the proxy area of the program
Once you started the program look on the upper left corner for "My skill" and select expert (this will unlock some of the features that we are going to need)

Click the Proxy tab and it should display you some lower tabs (My List/Proxy Analyzer/Proxy Hunter/Web Proxy Leecher)

Under My List please select these quick settings (leaving everything else unselected):
-Use Web Proxies
-Rotate Proxies every 10 seconds
-Change proxies on errors/fake replies/redirections (these are 3 different settings but they are all next to each other)

Now we are getting into some action! Click the Proxy Analyzer tab and then it will show you three lower tabs again: Analyzed Proxies/Analyzer settings/Anonymity Checkers

Click on the Anonymity Checker tab first. The anonymity Checker tab should now present you a list of different Proxy judges that you can use to check your Proxies
We want the fastest one for the best proxies so right click one of the Judges in the list and click Verify all scripts..give it a minute and it should give you different delay times now Look in the list for a proxyjudge (under type) and select the one with the lowest delay.

Step 4
Woo! We are almost there ! Click back on the Analyzed Proxies tab and now click on the button that says "Load your own proxy list" and open the file in which you saved your Proxies in.
Now its going fast:
-Right click one of the proxies in the list and select all
-Remove Dangerous Proxies/Duplicates
-Click the Speed Accuracy Test button and it will check all the proxies if they are good or not
-Right click again and Delete everything non-operational
-Click the confidentiality Test button and it will check for you if the Proxies are anonym (very important that they are!)
-Delete everything non-operational again
Everything that is left is good and ready for use so click the save button and you are good to go !


You, Lady or Gentleman, are getting very close now to cracking your first password! Cforce is a absolute blessing for any new user or experienced user because it does a lot of work for you that you would have to do otherwise
It will take all the information that you feed it and will process it for you in a fast way!

Load Cforce and it should start in the auto tab which we want.Now you should be able to see 3 Sections which need information:
-Proxy List
-Combo list

First you need to get a Members url of the site that you want to crack..for beginners please only try Pop up logins (Cforce can do some form logins but its more complicated and there are better programs for it). The best for beginners ,at least in my believe, is wifeysworld ( Enter this Url in the Url section.

Load your Proxy list (the one that you just checked in Accessdiver ) and also load your combo list (that you found in this Wordlist section) and you are almost ready to go!

Click Start Cforce will now go through every loginass automaticaly for you and check for any passwords that will work! The amazingly great thing about Cforce is that it will notify you by sound when you got a hit but it also will show you in a tab what the response in a web browser would be..meaning:
If you get something like
Wifeysworld - Welcome Members = Good you have a password
Wifeysworld - Error login in = Bad this was a fake password

But here is where cforce gets so useful! If you get a fake password in the tab
right click it and mark it as a fake cforce knows that if you get this response that it is a bad login and will ignore these now

The End

Congratulations! You just cracked your first password! I hope there will be many more that you can share and Enjoy

People this is only the tip of the Iceberg and if you really want to get better at this please look into topics like this:
-Form logins (and programs like Form@)
-Charon and advanced Proxy list
-Raptor and how to make wordlist

I hope this guide helped you and that you enjoyed it

Good Luck and Salutations from,